Vintage Office Supplies Retro cool.

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Vintage 1950s office supplies, you can use or decorate with.

The heavy gauge metal Stafford's felt ink pad has been inked with black ink and can be re-inked and used over and over. On the inside it says "Stafford Reeves Inc. Felt Stamp pad. This Stafford Ink Pad will outlast any other make. It is guaranteed by over 100 years of reputation. For best results use Stafford inks. SS Stafford Reeves Inc. New York, NY, Toronto, London. Made in U.S.A."

Noesting Round Head 1" shank Brass Paper Fasteners Made in the USA. Pretty aqua colored box says, 100 Brass Fasteners No. 4 Estimating there is about half a box left and they are made so much nicer than the ones we buy today.

Swingline Staple Remover Made in the USA. Heavy duty plastic with grip and quality metal.

Retro cool box of Dennison Index Tabs Box of 50 No. 5 Reg US patent office. On the back it says "Spee-d ADA says: Save time and mailing costs. Use Dennison addressing labels. 33 on a sheet .... buy at your stationers or send for free samples. Dennison Dept 1-A Framingham, Mass. (from the days before zip codes.) At least a half box of tabs left.

One package of yellow thumb tacks with cushioned heads. Original package says 10¢ Holland Manufacturing Co, Baltimore 31, MD. Only one tack was used. 39 in the package.

Cool box of standard staples, almost full. Has metal braces on all 4 corners of the natural colored cardboard box. The box says, abg standard staples Guaranteed to fit all standard staple machines. 5000 Code No. 8485.

All 6 awesome vintage supplies for your crafting business or retro decorating.

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Vintage Office Supplies Retro cool. Vintage Office Supplies Retro cool. Vintage Office Supplies Retro cool. Vintage Office Supplies Retro cool.

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